Balloons with glitter

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This type of decoration is very good for this spring because the soft pastel colors will make the highlights with shine or diamond. Making an original and unique balloon look. In this link I place a Pantone of pastel colors for spring


  • Balloons size 15
  • Diamond of the color that you like and that suits with the balloons
  • Cold sylicon
  • Curli of the color of the balloons
  • Helium
  • Large and smooth tray


  • Inflate balloons to a considered and natural size
  • Tie the curli with the balloons and hold them with an object
  • Apply small circles about the size of your thumb on the balloon. Consider a generous separation between each circle. If you find empty spaces, fill them with a circle of the same silicon size.
  • Apply the diamond in the circles of silicon and try that the diamond that was not stuck to fall into the tray. Same as you can use later for the same procedure
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