Strawberries with chocolate

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This idea is super simple. And it is suitable for all types of parties or festivities.


  • Ripe strawberries (previously washed)
  • Chocolate to melt the brand that you like the most.
  • Cap paper (for presentation)

Preparation mode:

  • Melt the chocolate bath without the steam touching the chocolate.
  • Pour the melted chocolate into a large bowl so you can comfortably submerge the strawberries.
  • Choose strawberries of the best size and remove their leaves from the stem that are withered.
  • Take the strawberry stem or stick a skewer stick to submerge the tip and part of the body of the strawberry. Without covering it all.
  • Decorate the strawberry! You can add pearls or edible granillo after spreading the chocolate.
  • Presents strawberries in pots that combine with the decoration of your party.

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