Memories of Sweet Sixteen

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memories of sweet sixteen

The memories of sixteen sweets are a tradition that must be updated. These are gifts given by the birthday girl to her guests in gratitude for attending her party. They represent the personality of the birthday girl.

The options we propose are very cool. And they can be used more than once, the general objective of the "memories of sixteen sweets" is fulfilled. Remember the sixteenth party every time your guests use your gift.


This option is a kit, the gifts have to be the main color of your party. This kit consists of:

  • Box of mints or chewing gum
  • A polish the color of your dress
  • A glitter or lip balm
  • Nail file nail color
  1. Accommodates all items together and ties with a cord of hemp thread


The idea is to make a resemblance of your dress with nail polish. You need:

  • A nail polish the color of your dress
  • Tulle color fabric of your dress
  • Thread rope or string we can thick
  • Cut out 25cm fabric squares on each side and 15cm thread lengths
  • Place the enamel in the middle of the fabric squares. And it wraps the enamel with the cloth
  • Tie with the thread the enamel and the fabric

Kit for the nails. You only need:

  • A nail varnish of the color of the dress
  • A nail file decorated with shades of colors of your party
    Ribbon of the color of your dress

Cuts sections of ribbon of 15cm
Place the varnish and the lime one over the other and tie with the ribbon

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